SMARTBoards in Science

Can SMARTBoards (Interactive Whiteboards) improve Science teaching and learning?

If they are used properly the research shows that the answer is yes, the bad news is if they are used improperly they may actually be detrimental.

Following this link will take you to a list of recommended reading on the subject of Interactive Whiteboards in Education.

Clicking this link will take you to a SmartBoard/Notebook presentation on the use of SMARTBoards in Science.  You must have Notebook software downloaded to view the presentation.

If you don’t have the Notebook software required to see the file, please click here for a .pdf note summary of the same or a PowerPoint version in this link.  These versions have the same content but not the interactive features that are available in the Notebook version.

Determining the best practice for SmartBoards in Science will take significant time, resources and effort.  If a community of Science educators work together towards this goal the possibility of making significant findings improves.  If you have any comments, questions or concerns in this regard please post them here.

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  1. warnantp says:

    Hi Allana,

    I have just had a look at your presentation. There are many great ideas there. I’ll have to give your suggestions a try. I am using an edublog for my porfolio as well and by pure chance I have used the same theme (but I have gone for a pink colour scheme!). Obviously great minds think alike. My blog is at if you want to check it out.

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